Versatility of the Breed

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To be considered a versatile breed a dog must be able to display many different skills and/or use a broad spectrum of disciplines.  They are required to have the ability, sense and learning capacity to fulfill set requirements request by their handlers at any given time.  They must have a high level of understanding of what is required, the ability to complete tasks accurately with confidence and work as a team member alongside their handler and to achieve the ultimate outcome of proving they are able to fit into our society, not only as a companion, but as a useful member also.

The ANKC has developed a programme where we are able to enjoy, learn and test our dog's ability by introducing a title system within each discipline so we are able to guage a dog's level of understanding and commitment in each area.  We are fortunate enough to be able to compete in areas such as conformation, obedience, agility, tracking, retrieving, endurance tests and newly founded sports such as Dancing with Dogs, Jumpers and Rally O.  There is also Fly Ball and Lure Coursing and Scent work so many things that we can enjoy ourselves and face new challenges with our companions.

The Cocker Spaniel is a robust little dog, showing its love of life with his ever wagging tail, soulful eyes and happy outlook. Not much has changed over time within this breed, we still see traits that have made us embrace him and consider him a worthy companion.  Handlers who have worked with the breed have recognised his potential and that he is a 'quiet achiever'. With the right combination of understanding, love and knowledge, this little dog can achieve greatness.

Over the years, the Cocker has proven himself in the conformation show rings with many Champions and some very special Grand Champions and Supreme Champions taking their places in history.  Yet looking a bit deeper into their history, there is another aspect of the breed that deserves recognition - the natural abilities to do what this dog was bred for and more.

Narrative by Club Member - Rosemary Sehl  (owner and trainer of Cocker Spaniels)
Rosemary has trained dogs in Tracking, Track and Search, Obedience, Agility and Games plus competes in Conformation dog shows.  Embracing the versatility of the breed she has dogs that have titles across various disciplines - showcasing their beauty and embracing and encouraging their natural instincts to work and please.

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